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The following is a list of valuable resources that can help you start, build and grow your business.


Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five-year, $3 billion federal-provincial-territorial initiative aimed at generating economic growth in the agricultural sector and delivering the greatest benefits for farmers, food processors and Canadian families.

Introduction to Working with a Co-Packer Webinar

This webinar will focus on the practical steps and tips from industry experiences in co-packing. You will hear from a panel of company speakers who have worked with a co-packer to produce their agricultural and food products as well as from a co-packer.

Password: vVdEFJy5

VIEW HERE: Introduction to Working with a Co-Packer Webinar


Selling Local Food in Alberta Webinar

Learn about the opportunity of selling your food product locally, the different market channels available to you and the pros and cons of each.

VIEW HERE: Selling Local Food in Alberta Webinar


Pricing 101 Webinar Series

This webinar will explore the importance of knowing your actual cost of production and provide insight on how to determine your breakeven point. Join Marissa Brewer, new venture specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry as she helps you solve the mystery of pricing your food products.

VIEW HERE: Pricing 101 – Know Your Cost of Production/Break Even Points Webinar

With a clear understanding of what your actual costs are, you are well positioned to determine a fair price for your food products. Are your prices accurate? Are you leaving money on the table or charging too much?

VIEW HERE: Pricing 101 – Adjusting for Change Webinar


Alternative Market Channels Webinar

Many Alberta food entrepreneurs are familiar with the traditional market options available for them to sell their products – from farmers’ markets to food service to retail. But there are many other options that may be less well known. Margurite Thiessen will talk about the opportunity to access new markets including online, major sporting events and more.

VIEW HERE: Alternative Market Channels Webinar


Getting Into Retail Webinar

An overview of the retail food market including: key market drivers, market trends and the benefits and challenges of selling in this market channel. In this first virtual workshop you will come away with the ability to answer who’s who and the first step to ensuring your priorities align your products with the right place in the retail marketplace.

VIEW HERE: Getting Into Retail – Food & Retail Landscape Webinar

This session explores the components you need to consider as you evaluate your readiness to enter into retail from production to packaging and labeling to pricing and costing and ultimately to making the pitch. Hear from a company who has grown from supplying 50 stores in Alberta to 300 nationwide & the mistakes that propelled his learning curve.

VIEW HERE: Getting Into Retail – Thinking Strategically About Getting Into Retail Webinar

This final session wraps up the workshop series by connecting with two retail food buyers who will share their insights on successfully getting into retail. A business advisor from ATB Entrepreneur Centre will also join the speaker panel to share how they can work with you to become ready for the market place.

VIEW HERE: Getting Into Retail – Connecting with the Retail Food Buyers & Business Development Advisors Webinar



Marketing & Merchandizing Strategies for Local Business Start-Ups Webinar

This webinar explores marketing strategies including image, display, curb appeal, merchandising techniques and other tools to attract customers to your business and secure sales.

VIEW HERE: Marketing & Merchandizing Strategies for Local Business Start-Ups Webinar



AWSN Scholarship $3000

The AWSN Scholarship Program is part of larger equity efforts within the AWSN network. Through the guidance of a gender-based analysis plus (GBA+), the program uses an intersectional lens and is structured in a way that allows AWSN to distribute the awards in an equitable manner, limiting unconscious bias, stereotypes, and other barriers commonly faced by underrepresented groups.

Deadline: June 30, 2021

Cochrane & Area Humane Society Scholarship

The Cochrane & Area Humane Society Scholarship will be awarded to qualified graduates from Cochrane and area high schools. Up to four scholarships will be awarded annually.

Each $1000 scholarship will go towards the student’s tuition at a secondary institution.


Deadline: May 31, 2021

From Lab 2 Fulfillment (FL2F)

From Lab 2 Fulfillment was created by Dr. Yadid-Pecht to guide women in STEM towards commercialization.

The process that Dr. Yadid-Pecht has designed helps women in STEM make their scientific innovations more impactful by showing them how to overcome hurdles, find supporters, and build their strategic plans and alliances.

The registration fee of $1000 is fully covered by the WESTEM program.

Eight participants maximum.

Deadline: May 24, 2021

Pitch contests

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Government Subsidies

Enhanced COVID-19 Business Benefit

Starting in mid-April, the Enhanced COVID-19 Business Benefit will provide payments of up to $10,000 to eligible small and medium businesses most affected by the pandemic and ongoing public health restrictions.

Innovation Employment Grant

The Innovation Employment Grant encourages economic growth by supporting small and medium-sized businesses that invest in research and development (R&D) with a grant worth up to 20% of qualifying expenditures.

Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant

Application intake for the spring 2021 payment from Alberta’s small business grant is now open.

Eligible organizations will receive a payment of up to $10,000, which follows the previous intake that provided up to $20,000.


Campus Alberta Neuroscience

Campus Alberta Neuroscience (CAN) is pleased to announce its Entrepreneurship Seed Grant for 2021. The Entrepreneurship Seed Grant is a foundational pillar of CAN’s Entrepreneurship Program that provides funding and collaborative support for early-stage innovation projects with solutions that address neuroscience and mental health related challenges in Alberta.

Deadline: June 30, 2021

Energy Savings for Business

Energy Savings for Business will help eligible Alberta businesses reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, grow their operations and become more competitive, while creating skilled jobs and boosting economic recovery.

Business Benefits Finder

Find the right programs and services, whether you’re starting out or scaling up.

Innovation Canada

From funding to expert advice to driving new collaborations, our flagship programs and services are designed to help businesses innovate, create jobs and grow Canada’s economy.

Alberta Indian Investment Corporation

In addition to capital funding, AIIC also provides grants to help your business with equity assistance.


Research Facilities Navigator

The Research Facilities Navigator is a directory of publicly funded research facilities that are opening their doors to collaborations with industry, academia and government.

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