Is There a Market for My Product or Service?

This workshop will explore what makes your business idea unique and how to market the value of your product or service to your customer.

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We have an amazing team of business advisors, each with different areas of expertise. Get FREE personalized advice for your business today.

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“We were connected with Pauline Patenaude, who has a robust experience in the agricultural sector. She was very knowledgeable to our industry and was able to identify our needs.”

– Elise Watson

(Founder of ABC Bees)

Financial Literacy Program

Self-Paced Programming

The Financial Literacy Program consists of pre-recorded videos so you can work at your own pace, along with optional biweekly check-ins, the second and fourth Thursday of each month, with financial gurus Shannon Pestun and Shauna Frederick.

Advisor Advice

“Never stop trying! If one idea fails, or a product doesn’t sell, don’t give up! Sometimes a business can fail but don’t let that stop you. Try another idea! Some of the most successful entrepreneurs had failed starts but they continued. They adapted. They overcame obstacles. Keep Trying. Ikiikimaat”

– Dale Springchief

(WESTEM business advisor)

Women Entrepreneurs-in-STEM (WESTEM) Program

The Women Entrepreneurs-in-STEM (WESTEM) program is here to empower, support and train all women entrepreneurs in Southern Alberta. We specialise in working with professional women in STEM fields, and helping all female entrepreneurs incorporate emerging technologies into their businesses.

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With funding from the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, Economic Development Lethbridge and Tecconnect have created a program for Women Entrepreneurs offering training, networking, mentorship and access to current and emerging technologies.

The Women Entrepreneurs-in-STEM (WESTEM) program focuses on advancing gender, rural-urban and racial equality in entrepreneurialism. This is achieved by supporting under-represented women in rural and remote regions of Southern Alberta and creating a female-based community of practice and a highly collaborative and streamlined network.

In partnership with current and future women entrepreneurs, business advisors, business leaders, mentors, entrepreneurial organisations, and post-secondary institutions, we offer programming specific to the needs of the participants of the WESTEM program.

If you are a woman working in a STEM field considering starting your own business, a woman considering starting a company, or a current female entrepreneur, we can help you build and grow your dream business!

You have a vision.
We can help you get there.

In order for us to streamline programming best suited to your needs, please complete the survey that best describes you:

Are you a female entrepreneur residing in Southern Alberta? If so, we want to hear from you!

Are you a Professional Woman in a STEM field and interested in launching/growing your business? If so, this is the survey for you!

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