WEcast Episode #9

Jan 28, 2022

Welcome to Season 3 of WEcast!

We kick off 2022 with Stella Sehn as we discuss social entrepreneurship, facing obstacles head-on and her dedication to the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada’s Calls to Action. Stella is a super-mom of three, and she started the 100% family owned and operated Bee Farm, “Sweet Pure Honey Bee Farm” from scratch with her husband and partner, Sheldon in 2016. Together they make Canadian hand crafted, handmade, organic, No. 1 Raw White Honey, Beeswax Candles and lip balms using the abundance of healthy crops and wildflowers which surround their prairie farm.

It is important to Stella to have her children see that it’s possible to run a business with values – such as respect for employees and the environment – that provides customers with special products and sustains their family. Stella and Sweet Pure Honey were the Winners of the 2016 Chamber of Commerce Business Ethics Award presented by the Better Business Bureau. Stella is also an international exporter, distributes honey nationally, is an innovator and social entrepreneur. You can also learn more about Stella and Sweet Pure Honey on Food Power Tv, where they were recently featured.

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