Frequently Asked Questions

Although it helps if you have a general idea for a business, it is not mandatory. You are welcome to attend any of our sessions and learn about supports and brainstorm with other participants and the instructors on ideas to start.

As this program is funded through the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy fund, there is no cost to women in Southern AB.

Not to worry as we can team you up with more than one advisor. You can receive business advising from whoever you need, at the time you need it!

Yes, all team members and advisors sign a confidentiality agreement, ensuring your idea or personal information is not shared beyond our team.

Yes. We can help you recognise how integrating technologies into your business can help your business succeed and grow.

South of Calgary and from the Rocky Mountains in the west, to the Saskatchewan border in the east. Please check out a map of our supported region here.

There are currently more resources available in larger cities like Edmonton & Calgary, but traditionally has been a lack of resources available in Southern Alberta. This is the reason WESTEM was able to get funding from the government to help develop supports for women entrepreneurs located in Southern Alberta.

WESTEM hopes to one day be able to support women entrepreneurs across the province! But unfortunately, we are currently only mandated to support those located in the south zone for now. A great list of supports for the Calgary region can be found here.

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