WEcast Episode #14

Jun 23, 2022

As the WESTEM program comes to an end, we are excited to welcome Dr. Christy Lane as our final guest for WEcast.

Dr. Christy Lane is a Startup Founder and award-winning exercise scientist with expertise in big data, wearable devices, and digital health. She has won many international awards for her work in lifestyle medicine and the application of technology in health. Dr. Lane is the Chair of Health and Physical Education at Mount Royal University and a founding member of the Stanford Wearable Health Lab. She is also the Founder of Vivametrica, a health tech company that uses data from wearable devices to predict mortality and disease risks, as well as to engage individuals in wellness.

Dr. Lane has a PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine, and has focused her career around the measurement of physical activity, and promoting exercise as medicine for clinical populations. She is particularly interested in the capabilities of wearable technology for promoting lifestyle behaviour change. She has been recognized as Avenue Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40, Top 20 Women in Tech 2018, and was awarded the Mount Royal University Research Excellence Award in 2019.  

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