WEcast Episode #13

May 27, 2022

Spring has sprung at WEcast! To kick off our Spring 2022 series, we invite Keri Drennan, P.Eng, and founder of Impact Leader to chat with us!

Keri is also a business advisor (with the WESTEM program as one example), an entrepreneurial coach and is passionate about engaging and inspiring people to think outside of the box. She is a professional Engineer with 24 years of progressive leadership experience in business and she will tell you that she owes her success to building relationships and shifting cultures and paradigms.  

Keri has expertise in integrating cultures through transformative leadership and change management. Being authentic, a great communicator and tough when required, she has successfully transitioned her teams through a variety of mergers and acquisitions.   

Keri transitioned from engineering and started Impact Leader in 2018, inspired by her aspiration to live in a world that is inclusive, engaging and inspiring. Keri believes that everyone deserves to work in a trusting, respectful culture that includes maximizing business goals while having fun. A current focus for Keri is coaching women entrepreneurs in STEM, and her ability to relate and hold people accountable has aided in her success.   

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