WEcast Episode #11

Mar 25, 2022

For our 3rd episode of our 3rd season we are very excited today to welcome Roxanne Doerksen CEO, T.R.A.D Worm Industries LTD. 

Roxanne grew up a farm girl and has a strong connection with the land therefore protecting the land by keeping compostable refuse out of landfill was a ‘no-brainer’ for her.  She and her family had an amazingly horrible opportunity presented to them as a family when her daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. At the time they decided that they could try to figure out a way of doing things better or could drown underneath the weight of her sickness. And that is where TRAD was born. Roxanne’s initial business concept was to produce worm castings, or manure, as a soil amendment to support the medical cannabis industry, but her plan took a turn when local growers and residential households started contacting her about how to set up their own worm farms and has since morphed into a leap of faith that embraces the knowledge that we are meant to be good stewards of our earth.

Pressure, and overcoming challenges, are nothing new to Roxanne. She returned to college as a mature student and launched a start up with no business background, but found the knowledge, skills and confidence she needed to succeed at both business and school. 

Other than all of this, Roxanne thinks that worms are pretty awesome! 

“Worms are more powerful than the African Elephant and are more important to the economy than the cow” – Charles Darwin 

Links mentioned in this episode: 

T.R.A.D. Worm Industries – https://www.tradwormindustries.com/about 

APEX Alberta – https://www.apexalberta.ca/ 

T.R.A.D. in the News:  





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