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Girls in Tech

We’ve talked before about the challenges that remote working poses for women in the tech space. The coronavirus pandemic has disconnected, isolated, and increased the workload of so many of us (working moms especially!) – but in some ways it’s uncovered better alternatives to face-to-face.

For example, it’s forced professional women to connect in virtual environments, seeking new, creative ways to learn from one another. Virtual mentorship programs are one such outcome, and we think they have significant advantages over in-person programs.

Virtual mentoring has helped many combat loneliness during the pandemic. It’s helped employees achieve a sense of career progression, despite being isolated at home. And it’s given mentors and mentees alike a shared sense of purpose – albeit with the unavoidable twist of ‘real-life’ authenticity as our personal and professional lives have experienced more crossover than ever before.

Let’s look at why virtual mentoring is the way of the future, and how you can get the most from a remote program (like the free Girls in Tech Virtual Mentoring Program).

Cost: Free

Target Audience: Women in Tech